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When Is the Right Time to Take Up a Testosterone Replacement Therapy Program?

Testosterone replacement therapy is a qualified hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This signifies that it should be administered only when there is a need for it, for purposes of improving the quality of life of the patient. 

Aging is a natural biological process that affects both men and women, and one of the impacts of aging is changes in the hormonal balance or composition of the body. These changes can be normal and expected. 

They can also bring along a number of uncomfortable symptoms. Such may include a decreased volume of muscle mass, low sex drive, or unexpected weight gain. Men who are clinically diagnosed as having reduced amounts of testosterone in their bloodstream can opt to undergo a TRT Australia program.

testosterone replacement therapy program for men

What is TRT in Australia? 

The natural tendency of the male human body as it further advances in age is to decrease its production of this important hormone. It is said that testosterone is the hormone that makes a man “man”, without it or lowered concentration of this hormone in the male human body could hurt his male characteristics.

Hence, it may affect the quality of his life. 

Comprehensive studies in the past have indicated that the production of testosterone in the male human body reaches its peak from age 20 up to 30. From age 30 onwards, the male body’s production of this invaluable hormone will start to decline, gradually. 

The testosterone production decrease is expected to drop around 1%- 2%, every single year. 

Undergoing TRT in Australia should be taken into consideration, most especially if the reduced concentration of this hormone in the bloodstream is bringing along undesirable changes in the body functions and thus affecting the quality of life. 

Indicating symptoms of reduced T-levels in the body may include difficulty in falling asleep, increased body fats, lethargy or low energy, low sex drive, low semen volume, erectile dysfunction, reduced bone, and muscle density, and mood swings. 

How Do We Administer TRT in Australia?

Administering of testosterone replacement therapy will depend upon the chosen treatment method. TRT Australia products usually come in an array of forms, and they come available on a daily and monthly dosing. The treatment can be availed in patches, injections, pills, topical creams and gum rubs which need to be applied daily.  

Who is a Likely Candidate for a TRT Program?

Men, who are clinically diagnosed as having lower than expected T-level in their system and are also experiencing significant symptoms of TRT may think about undergoing this HRT program. 

While obesity and aging are the usual indicating signs of low-T, there are instances that it can signify an issue on pituitary function. Therefore, a likely patient for TRT should submit himself to a series of blood test processes if only to determine whether his current T-levels qualify him to undertake testosterone replacement therapy or not. 

In many cases, dramatic turn or changes in the lifestyle can help bring about much-desired improvements in testosterone levels. These lifestyle changes may involve enough rest and observing an improved diet.

If positive lifestyle changes fail to improve a man’s T-levels and all his pituitary functions are identified as normal and in balance, testosterone replacement therapy may be considered and hopefully would help achieve for him an improved quality of life. 

Never Allow Hormonal Changes Affect Your Life

It is normal and natural for the aging process to bring about hormonal changes. However, what is not normal and acceptable is to allow these changes to make some interference with your daily life. 

If you are diagnosed as having a reduced amount of testosterone in your bloodstream and these changes are bringing you uncomfortable challenges, the best recourse you have for this is to reach out to a reputable TRT doctor. Such a qualified medical professional can determine if you are indeed a qualified candidate for TRT or not.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery: A Small Incision Can Make A Difference

Gastric sleeve surgery is a kind of restricted bariatric operation which induces weight reduction by restricting the food intake of yours and managing hunger pangs. The surgery which might additionally be called sleeve gastrectomy and calls for decreasing the stomach volume to 20 to 30% of the classic size.

Undeniably, bariatric surgery is amongst probably the greatest developments in dealing with morbid obesity, as well as weight connected issues. With the development of the surgery arrived the improvement of slightly invasive excess weight loss surgery methods and enhanced medical instruments.

gastric sleeve surgery method

Nowadays all bariatric events, as well as gastric sleeve, are commonly done by way of a laparoscopic method, utilizing that a bariatric doctor can make many tiny incisions in your belly, rather than creating a long medical cut across the abdomen in order to enable passage of the medical instruments to use.

The laparoscopic strategy is definitely remarkable, yet bariatric pros have finally produced more noninvasive methods which enable the industry loss doctors to do the surgery making use of a single, fairly little laparoscopic cut rather than 5 incisions.

Sleeve gastrectomy could now possibly be carried out by just a single incision! Instead of the traditional multi incision laparoscopic surgery, individual incision gastrectomy on the other hand, is achieved through one surgical cut within the belly button, giving diligent much more convenience during the progression.

Single Incision Gastric Sleeve Surgery

With only one incision gastric sleeve surgical treatment, the operating surgeon can eliminate approximately eighty-five percent of the stomach of yours by making only one little incision, frequently less than one an inch in the umbilicus, or maybe bellybutton to optimize the patient’s comfort level and reduce healing time and medical scarring.

Single-incision gastric sleeve procedure differs from traditional multi-slit laparoscopic surgery in the manner that the procedure is performed by a surgeon. Not just this, the decorative outcomes of a cut surgical treatment are much better to the laparoscopic counterpart since it requires one little incision in the belly button and that isn’t apparent afterward.

Who is the Right Candidate?

Only some individuals are qualified for individual incision surgery methods. The minimally invasive individual incision sleeve gastrectomy is the more preferred way for those people who:

– Obese people with a body mass index of forty or even lower.

– Haven’t had a prior abdominal operation.

– Do haven’t accumulated increased weight in the midsection of theirs.

– Care about the visual look of their post-surgery body


– Requires just one small incision in the abdomen

– Hardly visible scar

– Lesser recovery time

– Lesser post-surgery pain

– Potentially reduced danger of infection

– Minimum patient pain

– Less intrusive procedure

– Visually more pleasing

– Induces remarkable weight reduction like gastric bands or perhaps gastric bypass operation


The same as some other types of bariatric surgery, the cost of individual incision gastric sleeve surgery could be very daunting in any First World nation. Individuals from the USA, Australia, Canada, Middle East as well as Western European Nations could avail of the cost-effective individual incision sleeve gastrectomy in other medical tourism locations. Lately, the pattern of seeking inexpensive remedies abroad exploded in recognition, with far more and much more health tourists from all around the planet moving to overseas destinations like Mexico, Argentina, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Jordan, and the Dominican Republic in search of trustworthy and cheaper treatments.