How to Look for Used or Secondhand Geothermal Drilling Rig for Sale in Australia?

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The core of the earth is a repository for an immense amount of heat. This heat is so vast and intense that it can be tapped into to heat up the liquid to create steam. Water can be sent down to depths where the heat would be high enough and then the liquid will be sent back again to the earth’s surface. 

Geothermal heat can be taken advantage of to heat up structures on the surface such as buildings, commercial complexes, shopping malls, hotels, and residential homes. But temperatures ranging from 135 degrees centigrade or higher, would be ideal for generating electricity. 

In this kind of scenario, you may need to look for a refurbished or second-hand geothermal drilling rig for sale in Australia.  

drilling rig

Ideally, the bore site should have a good amount of distance away from the area or the region where the generated electricity will be used. As you drill your way into the core of the earth, the temperature will naturally rise to around 25 degrees at every 1 kilometer deep. 

It is necessary to drill through several kilometers more to make room for transferring enough heat if the harnessed heat will be used for geothermal applications. 

Ideal Drilling Rig to Use for Geothermal Drilling

The drilling rigs that will be used for this purpose are quite expensive. For that reason, it is practical to look for a refurbished drilling rig and use that instead of a piece of brand new drill equipment. Like everything else, we can make a search online when looking for a second-hand drill rig for sale in Australia. 

Almost every business entity and company that offers to sell such kind of drill rigs in the country usually has an online presence nowadays. Besides refurbished or second-hand type, brand new rigs are almost always available, too. But then again, as mentioned above they are kind of expensive and are thus not easy on the budget. 

Normally, you can mount this type of drill on caterpillar tracks for greater mobility. Such configuration makes it possible to move them around and thus would be most helpful and convenient to bring them to your project or target sites.  

drilling work site

The more you dig deeper into the earth, the more expensive the drilling process becomes. 

What every geothermal drilling effort does is to identify locations where there is a possible anomaly under the structure of the earth to induce the hot magma to rise closer to the surface of the earth. If you find success in your efforts here, then drilling on such sites or geographic location would be cheaper. 

In scenarios like that, the odds are high that you’d be able to get higher temperatures even though you only have shorter boreholes.

In applications where the borehole is away from where the application site is, one could just drill in any random spot for geothermal power. The companies or enterprises that are into selling used or second-hand drilling rigs for sale in Australia can directly deliver the drilling equipment to the site itself.  

Since these types of equipment do not really come at cheap prices, making an outright purchase may not be considered as wise and practical in many situations. 

The best recommendation we can give here is to consider financing options instead. You can positively obtain such offerings mostly from banking institutions.