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 Through this page we would like to inform our website, visitors of our existing policies with respect to the collection, the use and the disclosure of your Personal Identifiable Information, should you make that decision to obtain or avail our offered service.  

Choosing to use our offered Services means that you are giving us full consent to collect and use your personal information in relation to this policy. Whatever Personal Identifiable Information that we gather from your end, our users will be solely used for providing and/or enhancing our offered Service. We are not, in any way, intending to use or share your disclosed information with anyone or to a third party, with the exception depicted in this Privacy Policy.  

The terms we are using in this Privacy Policy share the same meanings depicted in our Terms and Conditions unless it is clearly defined as otherwise in this Privacy Policy.  

Information Collection and Use

Sharing to us your Personal Identifiable Information will allow us to provide you with elevated user experience while using our offered Service, including but this may not be limited to your postal address, phone number, and name. Whatever piece of Personal Information we collect from you will be solely used for contact and/ or identification purposes only.  

Log Data

We intend to inform you here that each time you visit our space and avail of our offered Service, we will collect whatever information your used browser would be sending to us. This information is referred to as Log Data. Log Data may be composed of information from you such as used browser version, time and date of your site visit, the number of pages you spent on our pages, and a sundry of other relevant statistical information.  


Cookies are files. They are small fragments of data that are used in a network as a unique anonymous identifier. Your visited websites send them to your used browser and stored locally on the hard drive of your computer.