Australian Spa Parts for Plumbing Works

There are numerous specialized parts in the pipe’s classification, components utilized just on specific spas, Jacuzzis, and several universal features.

Australian Spa Parts for Plumbing

Health Facility Air Controls

Air controls are knobs on the side of the health club that is utilized for air consumption. Some medical spas have numerous air control knobs that control the air intake for a particular team of health facility jets or a specific air manifold. It works as an air valve to allow the spa user to call in the excellent air mix to the water stream to raise the action, as well as pressure from the day spa jets.

There are various spa air controls, from Hydro Air, G&G, and also Waterway. They differ by the S tube link dimension and also the hole size on the health club. If you have managed to lose or damage these spa air intake handles, see a wide selection of spa air controls.

Health Club Air Injectors

Health spa air injectors, or possibly you call them aerators or bubblers in your health club, however, this is also where the air comes out, not blended with water. Typical on the flooring or lounge parts of the spa. You may replace the air injectors if they have come to be busted or absent components, or you are renewing a medical spa and adding brand-new or extra air jets or larger volume jets to your health spa or jacuzzi.

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There are different air injectors, from Air Pro, Hydro Air, and also River. Similar to air controls and Australian spa parts, the primary distinction between Air Injectors impedes S hose connection size, as well as hole size, or the size of the hole through the health facility shell.

Spa Drainpipe Covers and Pipes Fittings

Freeze damages fixing to a spa will typically involve some pipe installations, rearranging devices, or rerouting your health facility plumbing. When plumbing PVC on a day spa, make sure to use a guide on the pipe and fittings prior to applying heavy body PVC cement.

Six VGB compliant health club drainpipe covers are vital that they are protected to prevent any entrapment. Modern health club drainpipe covers or suction electrical outlets have many little holes and improved circulation qualities to make entrapment not likely. Missing health club drain covers need to constantly be replaced and also firmly safe, with both screws.

Spa Flexible PVC Pipeline and Air Hose

This department requires little discussion. There are flexible PVC ‘flex pipelines’, sizes from 1/2″ to two inches, offered in long rolls or by the foot. You can put a FedEx sticker on the pipe roll and deliver it without a box – never had trouble. We also carry the clear, versatile tube linked to air buttons or used in air systems.

Spa airline is marketed by the foot and readily available in diameters from 1/8″ to 3/4 inch. And those little hose pipe clamp clips that constantly seem to get shed? We have them likewise, in two sizes.